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GOP Candidates Aren’t Serious About Gun Violence in America

Today, the President laid out a clear and compelling case to address the crisis of gun violence in America. The facts are clear: America is the only advanced country on earth that sees mass gun violence this frequently. Yet, the Republicans running for president are clinging to the past and standing in the way of measures to keep the American people safe.

Republicans in the Senate, including Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, all recently voted against keeping guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists. They also voted against criminal background checks that have wide, bipartisan support including over 80% of gun owners nationally and 91% of Americans. 

Background checks are a practical and proven way to reduce gun crimes in America.

By opposing the expansion of background checks, the Republicans running for president are not protecting the second amendment or the American people, just the interests of the NRA.

“The Republicans running for president talk a tough game on the campaign trail, but they simply won’t stand up to the NRA. Every day, they are prioritizing profits and their own political interests over the safety of their own constituents and the American people who are sick and tired of gun tragedies devastating their communities,” said DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda.

Highlighting their hypocrisy on this issue, the Republican candidates criticized the President’s common sense actions before even knowing what was in them. Days before President Obama unveiled his plan, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump said he would undo the upcoming executive order because “there’s an assault on the second amendment.” Earlier in the week, Marco Rubio said he would repeal any executive actions on gun violence prevention on his first day in office. Chris Christie went so far as to say that President Obama’s actions to prevent gun violence would make him “a petulant child.” And Jeb Bush, noting he had not seen the President’s plan, blasted President Obama’s “first impulse” of taking away rights from law-abiding citizens. You can’t make this stuff up.

Below are some of the outrageous examples of how Republican candidates are out of touch with the American people:

  • Jeb Bush said that “the federal government shouldn’t be involved in gun laws” and that “stuff happens” when it comes to gun violence, and he was the first governor to enact the Stand Your Ground law.
  • Ben Carson suggested that if it had not been for gun control, the likelihood of the Holocaust occurring would have been greatly diminished.
  • Chris Christie vetoed a bill to limit the capacity of gun magazines.
  • Ted Cruz claims that the widely-maligned gun show loophole simply “doesn’t exist.”
  • John Kasich signed into law a bill that lifted ammunition limits on magazine capacity.
  • Rand Paul believes guns should be allowed in classrooms.
  • Marco Rubio voted against a measure to limit magazine capacity.

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