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“Embarrassing. Insulting. Outrageous. Outlandish.”

Donald Trump has a long history of offensive statements about veterans and military families.  He doubled down at last night’s Commander-in-Chief Forum, where he showed he is temperamentally unfit to be president.

The reality is that Trump’s companies have fired employees because of their military commitments, he has lied about donations to veterans’ charities, and he has scammed veterans through Trump University. Trump is unqualified to be president and is only in it for himself. Take it from veterans and intelligence officials themselves—here’s the Buzz:

Katy Tur this morning reported that former Acting CIA Director Mike Morell underscored that the forum showed Trump has “no real idea of how intelligence works.” 


Brig Gen. John Douglass, a retired member of the U.S. Air Force, said, “Last night Mr. Trump showed an appalling lack of understanding of what leadership is, an appalling lack of understanding of how the military operates.”


Retired Lt. General Mark Hurtling said of Trump’s performance, “It was embarrassing, insulting, outrageous, outlandish. Pick the descriptor, and that’s what I thought when I heard him say this. And I’ve been one of the guys fighting on the battlefield.”


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