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Early Voters Continue to Turn Out In Record Numbers, Furthering Democratic Strongholds in Key Battleground States

Days before November 8th, record numbers of Americans are choosing to cast their ballots early for Democrats up and down the ticket in key battleground states. Enthusiasm from key demographic groups, including Hispanics and African Americans, are proving the power of the most aggressively progressive Democratic platform in our party’s history. Over 40 million people have already cast their ballots, and in states like Florida, Nevada, North Carolina and Virginia, turnout has been especially high.

With at least 40 percent of battleground voters expected to cast their ballot before November 8, here’s what people are saying about early vote efforts across the country:


@bethreinhard: FL Hispanic early vote 2X as big as 2012, more than one-third didn’t vote that year, per@electionsmithhttps://t.co/eGcbu8aw3A via @WSJ

@ElectProject: Likely when the data come out tomorrow, more Hispanics will have voted early in FL than all Hispanics voted in 2012

@electionsmith: Black turnout is sky-rocking in Florida, w “Souls to Polls” still to be counted. 564k blacks have voted EIP. In ’12, total 539k voted EIP

‏@steveschale: Some Saturday EV demos: Just Sat voters: 57.2% white, 18.8% Hispanic
16.5% Black

‏@steveschale: All FL voters so far: 66.8% white, 14.9% Hispanic, 12.7% black FL electorate is more diverse than 2012

‏@electionsmith: In Florida, 910.6k Hispanics have voted out of 2.03m active voters. That’s 44.9% turnout. And we still have EIP today, VBM to count, & Nov 8

Politico: Marc Caputo: Democrats widen lead over GOP in Florida early votes

Florida Democrats increased their lead over Republicans in casting pre-Election Day ballots to nearly 33,000 as of Sunday morning…Clinton’s campaign has taken heart with the performance of Hispanic voters — who lean strongly toward Clinton in most major polls. They’re far outpacing their share of the early and absentee ballots cast in Florida, but it’s technically still too early to say whether they’ll cast a historic number of ballots. Hispanics had cast 14.8 percent of the vote, but they comprise about 16 percent of the rolls as of Sundaymorning, according to Smith. However, Smith noted, half of the Hispanic vote typically is cast on Election Day. If that trend holds, then Latinos are poised to potentially deliver the White House to Clinton — assuming the polls are right. Also, Smith’s analysis found that almost 36 percent of Florida Hispanics hadn’t voted in 2012 — 10 percentage points more than the overall population. About 25 percent of Hispanics who have voted so far voted on Election Day in 2012, according to Smith.

Reuters: Luciana Lopez: Jump in Florida, Nevada early voting could reap Latino gains for Clinton

Clinton has polled much stronger among Latino voters nationwide, suggesting she would benefit more from a surge in early voting in those two states, voting experts say. Trump has fared poorly in that demographic, having repeatedly angered Hispanics with disparaging comments about their communities. A recent poll conducted by the firms The Tarrance Group and Bendixen and Amandi found that Hispanic registered voters in Florida favor Clinton 60 percent to 30 percent. In Nevada the gap was even wider – 72 percent for Clinton and 19 percent for Trump. In Florida, the Clinton campaign estimates early Latino voting is up 139 percent, or more than twice as much, compared to 2012, according to a field report dated Wednesday.

Tampa Bay Times: Steve Bousquet: Historic early voting turnout boosts Democratic ballots cast

Boosted by a big surge in early voting, Florida’s total early ballots cast reached the 6 million mark, with Democratic ballots leading Republicans statewide by about 33,000 out of more than 5.9 million ballots cast. The Democrats’ total passed Republicans for the first time at midday Friday….The 2016 early voting total is historic. Miami-Dade reports that voting by mail and early is up by more than two-thirds over 2012, one of many signs of a massive turnout by Hispanic voters in Florida. Almost every county has set new records for early voting and voting by mail and the total early turnout is more than 1.2 million ballots higher than the combined early and mail ballots in 2012.


@sahilkapur: NV early vote: Dems up by 73,000 (it was 71,000 in ‘12, Obama won by 7).

@RalstonReports predicts Clinton wins by 6. https://t.co/mPmyH6gjNZ

Reno Gazette Journal: Jon Ralston: How deep does the blue wave go?

A nearly 73,000-ballot lead over Republicans for Democrats in Clark County beats the 2012 margin (71,000) — and President Obama won the state four years ago by nearly 7 points. The Democrats even have a 1,000-ballot edge in Washoe. Ominous…But: About two-thirds of the votes already have been banked if the past is prologue, so unless the GOP can juice turnout to record levels on Election Day (especially in the rurals where Trump will win bigly) and win Tuesday by a huge margin (the Democrats won Election Day in 2012) and an unusual number of Democrats are voting for Trump (no reliable private polling shows this) and Trump wins independent voters by more than 20 points (reliable polling here shows him losing nonpartisans), he is cooked. Believe me!


@mchightower: Nearly 3 million people voted early this year in North Carolina. That’s a 13.4% increase from 2012 via @NCSBE @WFMY

@Nate_Cohn: Last day of NC early vote was strong for Clinton, esp on black turnout: 192k, White 62.5, Black 27.9, D 41.3, R 29.6, 18-29: 21.9, >65: 10.5

@chriskromm: Going over today’s @NCSBOE early voting #s, first pass shows gain of 122,800 African-American early voters over last 2 days #ncpol


@Redistrict: Fairfax County at 116,298 absentees, a 35% increase over ’12. PWC up 86% (!!), Loudoun up 34%, Arlington up 27%. Everywhere else up just 9%.https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/PvH78KiUU3XqtJSYM5nHhMtsep1UQTvVjWAx4-cyBY211-JV6ahziUMTMRCLhub2r_LoUhDfY4ji2Y2yNtcSvBdlqc4W_As_9ogidIk6IyYWyQZrmdrDYj4sVuBeXgncGY6QYmzN

@RedistrictPrince William & Manassas (Latino growth zone) have cast a staggering 10% of these ballots even though they were just 5% of total ’12 vote.


@Redistrict:TX: Hidalgo, largest Hispanic county in state, has already cast more votes than in all of ’12 – and we haven’t even reached Election Day.

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