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Donna Brazile Rallies Voters in Battleground Utah

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — DNC Chair Donna Brazile and the Forward Together bus tour cruised into the battleground state of Utah yesterday to urge voters in the Beehive State to vote for Democrats and turn Utah blue. The Chairwoman joined Utah Democratic Party Chair Peter Corroon, Utah gubernatorial candidate Mike Weinholtz, U.S. Senate candidate Misty Snow, Lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Kim Bowman, candidate for Congressional District 2 Charlene Albarran, and Utah State Representative Patrice Arent to emphasize the importance of voting for Hillary Clinton and Democrats down ballot.

Chairwoman Donna Brazile said, “I have never been so proud of this Party, so proud of what you’re doing here in this great state of Utah to turn it blue… I believe that Utah can send a great message this fall. You can send a great message– a resounding joyful noise… The future of democracy is in your hands. It’s your turn to vote… So it’s time to get your voting groove on.”

Take a look at some of the coverage from the DNC’s swing through the Beehive State:

Salt Lake Tribune: Robert Gehrke: National Dem chair rallies voters in unlikely swing state of Utah

Donna Brazile, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, rolled into town in a big blue bus with “Forward Together” emblazoned on the side, urging Utah Democrats to make sure they vote, as the perennial minority party tries to pull off the unthinkable — turning Utah blue for the first time since 1964. “I have never been so proud of this party, so proud of what you’re doing in this great state of Utah,” Brazile told a crowd of about 200 Democrats. “To all of you who have already voted, thank you. … The future of our democracy is in our hands. It’s time to get your voting groove on.”

Utah Political Capitol: Ryan D. Curtis: DNC Chair, Donna Brazile, Stumps For Clinton in the “Swing State” of Utah

Brazile urged Utahns to vote, and do so early. “The future of democracy is in your hands. It’s your turn to vote. I believe everyone who wants to vote should be able to vote, and everyone should want to vote this fall. Now you can vote early here in the great state of Utah, in Salt Lake City. So it’s time to get your vote groove on,” Brazile said. Chants of “I Will Vote” permeated the crowd for several seconds. “It’s so important to set an example for the young boys and girls who are here this afternoon. I am so gratified because one of the reasons why Secretary Clinton and Senator Kaine will be a very good, strong team in the White House is because they believe every child deserves not only a head start in life but a healthy start in life. When Donald Trump asked Hillary Clinton last week ‘What have you been doing for 30 years?,’ she was able to say ‘I’ve been making sure that every child has a healthy start. I’ve made sure that 8 million-plus children have not only good, decent, affordable healthcare, but I’ve been working for early childhood education.’”

Deseret News: Dennis Romboy: Brazile urges Utah Democrats to send ‘joyful noise’ to Washington

The DNC’s “Forward Together” bus tour rolled into Utah’s capital city Thursday, stopping at the Salt Lake City-County Building where about 200 energetic Clinton supporters gathered to hear Brazile speak. Walter Garcia, DNC western region communications director, said the tour through several states is about “making sure we deliver that closing argument.” “It’s time to get your votin’ groove on,” Brazile said, leading the crowd to chant, “I will vote.” Brazile urged Democrats to send a message of “resounding, joyful noise” to Washington.

Good4Utah: Aldo Vazquez: Clinton bus rides blue wave into Utah

Democrats see a path to victory in the Beehive State and they’re jumping at the chance bringing in the Clinton campaign bus and on board the head of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile…During her 7 minute speech to the crowd Brazile spoke about the unity the Democratic party has seen this year, saying Democrats have come together to ensure Democrats are elected in the upcoming election. She also spoke about how inclusive the Democratic Party has been, highlighting that the party has a record number of female and minority candidates seeking office…Her main focus though was to rally support for Clinton and encourage people to get themselves registered to vote, turn up at the polls, and volunteer on behalf of their candidate.

KUTV 2News: Heidi Hatch: Democrats roll Clinton bus into Utah hoping for a win in traditional GOP stronghold

Brazile encouraged voters to turn out, and in Utah they already are. Utah party chair Peter Carroon said Democrats are up 33 percent from where they were expected in early voting. Utah hasn’t voted for a Democrat in a presidential election since 1964 and this year Clinton is hoping this very red state will help make her the first woman in the White House. “We are making our case to the voters. This is our closing argument. We believe we are stronger together.” Brazile in her parting comments said, “Utah can send a great message this fall and send a joyful noise.” A noise she said is possible, referencing Utah’s Mormon Tabernacle Choir.




















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