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DNC Statement on Trump’s Unhinged Comments on ISIS

 For Immediate ReleaseAugust 11, 2016

Contact: DNC Press – 202-863-8148


DNC Statement on Trump’s Unhinged Comments on ISIS

“Donald Trump should apologize for his outrageous, unhinged and patently false suggestions on the founding of  ISIS. This is yet another out of control statement by a candidate who is unraveling before our very eyes. Combating terrorist threats like ISIS is a deadly serious undertaking – one that must be met with the unwavering resolve and steady temperament of a commander-in-chief that doesn’t fly off the handle at the slightest provocation. Donald Trump has once again shown that he lacks that temperament, and that he is simply unfit to hold our nation’s highest office.” – DNC National Press Secretary Mark Paustenbach




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