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DNC Statement on Trump Selecting Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy

WASHINGTON – DNC Communications Director Adam Hodge released the following statement:

“Rick Perry said that the Energy Department should be eliminated. Rick Perry forgot that he wanted to eliminate the Energy Department. Rick Perry released an energy plan some dubbed a ”wish list for the oil and gas industry” and he is currently serving on the boards of energy companies behind the Dakota Access Pipeline. Rick Perry has made loud and clear that he’s a climate change denier and doesn’t think that the federal government should ensure that every American has access to clear air, land, or water.

“These are not the qualities of someone fit to run the Energy Department and the Senate should overwhelmingly reject his nomination.

“President Obama’s Energy Department has been instrumental in helping to more than double the amount of clean energy like wind and solar energy that we produce, and set historic energy efficiency standards that will help protect our planet. And thanks to Secretary Ernest Moniz’s leadership in helping to secure the Iranian Nuclear Deal, we’ve also made the world a safer place. To have someone as unqualified as Rick Perry follow in his footsteps is simply incomprehensible.”

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