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DNC Statement on Tonight’s Republican and Democratic presidential town halls

DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda issued the following statement on tonight’s Republican and Democratic presidential town halls:

“Tonight’s GOP town hall was a reminder that the Republican candidates simply don’t have any new ideas for moving our country forward, just recycled and failed policies that would drag America backward. From their promises to end the Affordable Care Act and the protections it offers millions of Americans, to their obsession with cutting Social Security, to Jeb Bush reminding America that he would surround himself with the same people who brought us the disastrous George W. Bush Administration, the American people simply can’t afford to have a Republican in the White House.

“The competing Democratic town hall offered an entirely different perspective, one in which both candidates focused on how to expand opportunities to ensure everyone in America has a fair shot, and everyone plays by the same rules. And while the Republican candidates said they would continue to stand in the way of fixing our nation’s broken immigration system, the Democratic candidates made it clear they understand the impact of Republican obstructionism, not just on families torn apart but also on our economy, which benefits from their hard work.”