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DNC Statement on GOP Frontrunner Trump’s Latest Ad

Today, DNC National Press Secretary Mark Paustenbach released the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s latest ad:

“GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s offensive ad is the latest Republican demonstration of xenophobia and fear mongering. His proposals represent Republican Party values that would only serve to make America less safe.

“Donald Trump is not the only GOP candidate who has espoused blatantly discriminatory policies. Marco Rubio compared Muslims to ‘members of the Nazi party’ and suggested that mosques, diners, and cafes might need to be closed. Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush said only Christian refugees should be allowed into the United States. Chris Christie would even prevent a three-year-old, Muslim orphan from seeking asylum.

“Donald Trump is leading the GOP polls and leading the way for continued discrimination and xenophobia within his party. Even worse, the rest of the Republican field has decided to follow suit.”

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