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DNC Statement on Cruz Joining High Ranking GOPers Who Refuse to Support Trump

“The list of Republican leaders who refuse to support Donald Trump got longer today, with Ted Cruz joining a slew of former GOP presidential candidates, Republican presidents and the highest ranking Republican in Congress. The Republican Party has elevated extreme voices using divisive campaigns for years, and now they’re stuck with Donald Trump’s reckless and dangerous campaign as they chaotically tumble toward the general election. Exit polls for weeks have confirmed that Republicans believe their primary has been divisive, while three fourths of Democrats are excited about our primary and majorities would support either candidate. But we’re not taking anything for granted, our two candidates have made it clear they’ll hold Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot accountable heading toward November 8th, while sharing a vision for moving America forward with the American people. The contrast couldn’t be clearer.”  – DNC National Press Secretary Mark Paustenbach

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