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DNC Response to Reports of Larry Kudlow Being Named Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers

“It would be hard to pick someone more at odds with Trump’s campaign promise to ‘drain the swamp.’ A bureaucrat-turned-Wall-Street-banker, Kudlow thought that the massive Bush tax cuts for the rich were actually too liberal, and wants to abolish corporate taxes altogether – leaving hardworking families to pick up the tab. He pooh-poohed recession concerns for years as the crisis grew, and as late as July 2008 said we were in a “mental recession” – not an actual recession. After the recession struck, Kudlow defended CEOs who expensed personal vacations on private jets after their banks had been bailed out by the taxpayers, and as a cherry on top – opposed the Wall Street reform law that was crafted to prevent another economic meltdown.” – Eric Walker, DNC Deputy Communications Director

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