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DNC Response to Continued Push for Muslim Registry

For Immediate Release

November 20, 2016

Contact: DNC Press – 202-863-8148

DNC Response to Continued Push for Muslim Registry 

Today on NBC’s Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asked Donald Trump’s incoming Chief of Staff and current RNC Chair Reince Priebus about the Trump team’s proposed Muslim registry. Priebus responded, “I’m not going to rule out anything.”

In response, DNC Communications Director Adam Hodge released the following statement:

“Donald Trump campaigned on a dangerous promise to discriminate against Muslim Americans, and now his team is doubling down on his divisive ideas. A Muslim registry is an extreme and outrageous assault on religious liberty—and it goes against our values as Americans. We must always defend the rights and freedoms that all Americans share, no matter their race, religion or creed. Republicans and Democrats alike should denounce the Trump team’s openly xenophobic rhetoric and unconstitutional policies.”



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