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DNC Chair Response to Paul Ryan on Fox News Sunday

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Speaker Paul Ryan further brushed off this country’s need to meet the rest of the modern world and ensure paid family leave for hardworking Americans. In response, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement:

“It’s great that Speaker Ryan can speak so openly about his family time, which no one, especially me, can fault him for wanting. But it’s disappointing that he refuses to extend that right to all Americans. He is in a unique position to take action on behalf of millions of other moms and dads; what a role model he could be as a young working father with a visible, prominent job in America! Instead he shirks responsibility and brushes the issue away by raising a favorite specter of the right – government mandates. If Republicans are serious about governing they have to recognize that the government has a responsibility to level the playing field for American workers. Paid leave is an earned benefit, like unemployment insurance, that will represent a savings for the economy and for the workers who today are footing a bigger bill to take care of themselves or their family.

“We have to get to a place where elected officials actually walk the walk on the policies most important to middle class Americans and working families. Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress and in the GOP Presidential field are sprinting in the other direction. Not a single Republican presidential candidate supports ensuring paid leave for families. They either refuse to support paid leave policies that help working families get ahead, or they offer sham proposals that in practice do nothing for families.

“Families shouldn’t have to choose between a paycheck and taking care of a newborn or family member. Democrats understand that – that’s why we’re building on President Obama’s pro-family agenda. We stand behind policies like raising the wage, equal pay for women and paid family leave to continue the progress President Obama began. By electing any of the Republicans running for president, we’d be taking a huge step backwards.”

Republicans running for President are leaving families behind:

  • Marco Rubio voted against an amendment to allow Americans to earn paid sick time, and has said he doesn’t think mothers of newborns deserve guaranteed paid leave.
  • Jeb Bush has said he opposed federal paid maternity leave legislation.
  • Chris Christie has said he opposed paid family leave.
  • Ted Cruz voted against an amendment to allow Americans to earn paid sick time and has said on maternity and paternity leave: “I don’t think the federal government should be in the business of mandating them.”
  • Carly Fiorina has said that policies on paid family leave “hurts women.”
  • John Kasich in congress voted multiple times against family and medical leave.
  • Rand Paul voted against an amendment to allow Americans to earn paid sick leave.

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