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Democrats hold GOP accountable ahead of Las Vegas debate

Another GOP debate tonight means more of the same tired and out-of-touch policy proposals from the Republican presidential candidates. The debate will expose the Republicans’ shortcomings not only on national security, but also economic security and personal security.

Democrats aren’t letting these candidates or their awful ideas get a free pass. Look at some of the coverage coming out of Las Vegas:


As GOP debate nears, candidates prepare for showdown


…Democratic leaders used the eve of the debate to go after Republican candidates on immigration, national security and the economy.

Local union leaders and progressive groups hosted a roundtable Monday afternoon to compare Cruz and Rubio unfavorably with Trump. The Democratic National Committee also hosted a pre-debate news conference with DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Rep. Dina Titus, where they said that any of the Republican candidates would undermine national, environmental and economic security.

GOP presidential debate just part of politicking in Las Vegas this week


…For U.S. Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev., the debate site will be on her turf, the 1st Congressional District.

“Unlike the Republicans attending Tuesday’s debate, the First District is not a place that harbors racism towards immigrants, caters to the National Rifle Association, or disavows women’s health care services,’ Titus said in a statement. “We fight to raise wages, expand the middle class, and increase access to quality education for all.”

Roberta Lange, chairwoman of the Nevada Democratic Party, said, “I hope they actually discuss substantive issues that are important to Nevada and all the states in our country. It’s kind of been a reality TV show in the past. (Democratic) candidates all stood up on the stage and talked about their ideas. Everyone had their chance to talk about their ideas. I think the American people deserve to hear what the plans are.”

LISTEN: DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz discusses the Latino vote on KNPR ahead of today’s debate in Las Vegas.

Joe Schoenmann, KNPR’s State of Nevada Host: “Now, Latino and Hispanic voters have been gaining ground in the last decade, decade and a half. Florida and Nevada has a high percentage of immigrants. Are Republicans basically shooting themselves in the foot with all this talk of immigration banning and sending them back to wherever they’re from.”

DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: ”Absolutely they are. In fact, they acknowledge that themselves. My counterpart Reince Priebus, who led the effort of the Republican autopsy following their loss in the 2012 presidential election — that report that they issued specifically said that they had to stop alienating groups of voters like Hispanic Americans and had to embrace comprehensive immigration reform if they were going to have any hope of electing the Republican nominee for president in the future. And of course, this entire Republican field for president has done the opposite. But you know, what’s really important to note is that Hispanic Americans just like any Americans care about the same issues. Immigration reform is certainly important, and that’s a critical distinction between all of our Democratic candidates and the Republican field, and I represent a large Hispanic population in my Congressional District in South Florida. What Hispanic Americans care about is making sure that they have a good job that pays them well, making sure their kids can get a good education that won’t bankrupt them through the later part of their lives, that they can have access to quality affordable health care like they’ve been able to get access to in the Affordable Care Act. That they can make sure that they have a good roof over their head that they can count on, and when they retire that they have a safe and secure retirement. Those are the cornerstones of a middle class life. That’s what Hispanic Americans like all Americans care about. And the Republicans running for president are wrong on every one of those issues. They’d take us backward to the period of time under the George W. Bush Administration in terms of policy that got us into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and no one that I know in America wants to go backward except the Republican candidates for president and their most extreme supporters.”

WATCH: Rep. Dina Titus tells News 3 that tonight’s GOP debate should focus on economic security is tied to national security. 

Nevada takes center stage in GOP 2016 race


…Nevada is far from being a solid red state — President Obama carried it twice — and Democrats here are unimpressed with the Republican field.

Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev., whose district includes the Las Vegas Strip, said the city’s many union members oppose GOP economic policies, including opposition to a minimum wage hike. She said a diverse population that came to Las Vegas from all over the world doesn’t appreciate the views of Trump and others on immigration.

“They are all very insulted by what the Republicans are saying,” Titus said. “They want comprehensive immigration reform, and the Republicans do not.”

Liberal Hispanic activists assail Rubio, Cruz as ‘traitors’ to their culture


Liberal Hispanic groups have launched a new campaign designed to turn Latino voters against the two Cuban American Republicans who have risen to the top tier of the GOP presidential field — assailing Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as traitors to their own culture.

Radio and online ads, social media posts and public discussions with Hispanic leaders in swing states are accusing Cruz and Rubio, senators from Texas and Florida, respectively, of fighting against immigration reforms, a minimum wage increase and other changes that millions of Latinos support. Many of the ads equate the two candidates to GOP front-runner Donald Trump, whose sharp rhetoric on immigration has until now drawn most of the attention of Hispanic activists.

At a Monday gathering in Nevada of Democratic Hispanic leaders, ahead of tonight’s GOP debate in Las Vegas, photos of Cruz and Rubio were plastered alongside Trump’s picture, as all three were criticized as anti-Latino. A press release noted, “While Trump continues to grab headlines with his hateful anti-Latino, anti-immigrant language, the positions and records of the two Latino presidential candidates in the race are equally dangerous for Nevada communities.”

Latino, Immigrant Advocates: Cruz, Rubio Same as Trump


In time for Tuesday’s GOP debate, a group of Latino community and national leaders, whose views largely align with Democrats, discussed Rubio, R-Fla., and Cruz, R-Texas, and equated them with Donald Trump. They were participants in a roundtable on Monday that was organized by the Latino Victory Project, which gave the meeting the title: “Nevada Latinos: Sens. Rubio and Cruz are the Same as Donald Trump.”

“We want to ask the big questions: Do folks like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz reflect the Latino community? Do they stand with our community or do they reflect the values of Donald Trump?” asked Alex, whose group’s mission is to get more Latinos in political office.

Participants were generally unanimous that there’s little difference, although a couple pegged the two as worse than Trump.

“Donald Trump only talks about it. They have acted on it,” said Astrid Silva, organizing director for the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada. “Marco Rubio was here in Nevada and told us to our faces he would take DACA away .. Cruz, Trump, Rubio, they are all the same.”

Emily Zamora, iAmerica’s Nevada coordinator, said what separates Cruz and Rubio from Trump is that the senators have had the chance to vote on issues regarding the community and their voting records show they don’t agree with the policies that affect the community.

Yvanna Cancela, political director for Culinary Workers Union Local 226 said as leaders in the Latino community, their job is to open doors for other generations of other Latinos.

But Rubio and Cruz have “not only slammed the door shut” on other Latinos, but “bolt it, lock it, triple lock it, make it so its difficult for other Latinos can enter, not only through their policies but their rhetoric,” Cancela said.

Hispanic Conservatives: Cruz “Perhaps Worse” Than Trump


After meeting with Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, Hispanic conservative leaders are expressing concern that the Texas senator is in favor of “self-deportation,” an immigration position that helped defeat the last Republican nominee.

The position, [Executive Director of the American Principles Project's Latino Partnership Alfonso] Aguilar later told reporters, is “perhaps even worse” than Donald Trump’s plan for dealing with people already in the country illegally.

“Self-deportation is a policy and political loser,” said Mario Lopez, president of the Hispanic Leadership Fund. “You can ask President Mitt Romney all about what he thinks about self-deportation.”

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