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Dangerous Donald’s Newest Plan

Democratic National Committee Communications Director Luis Miranda released the following statement on Donald Trump’s latest plan to cut off the United States’ economic ties with Mexico:

“Donald Trump is again proving just how dangerous he would be for America, threatening to shut down economic ties with the United States’ third-largest trading partner and one of our closest allies on the global stage by blocking family remittances. He has repeatedly shown that he has no knowledge and understanding of how to foster diplomatic relationships, threatens relationships with our key allies and would undermine our economic security both domestically and internationally. And he has again shown zero consideration for what his rhetoric does to families across America. Trump simply doesn’t have the temperament necessary to be commander-in-chief.”

Sad! Money: Trump’s Many Incorrect Predictions On The Economy
…During this time, Trump at various points predicted imminent economic collapse, even going so far to suggest in 2011 that the price of bread would soon rise to $25. But his optimistic predictions have been wrong, too, such as when he argued in 2005 and 2006, just before the housing crisis, that the real estate market would continue to be strong.

Mr. Trump’s Dangerous Babble on Foreign Policy
New York Times
Donald Trump might use nuclear weapons to go after Islamic State terrorists. Or maybe not. In a recent spate of interviews, including with The Times, he was unable or unwilling to clarify his disturbing views on this and other critical national security issues, which sometimes shift from one minute to the next. 

The Dangerous Donald
Washington Post
…There are many other labels that could be applied to Trump: sexist: Bigot. Xenophobe. Con man. Bully. Authoritarian. Flip-flopper. Ignoramus. An entitled rich kid turned oft-failed businessman. But “dangerous” ties them all in, because it gets at the recklessness that most concerns people about Trump: His loose talk about using nuclear weapons and starting trade wars. The violence at his events. His put-downs of women, immigrants and racial minorities. His threat to order the military to break laws by torturing and by targeting innocents. His capricious call to ban Muslims from entering America. His profanity on the stump.


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