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Cruz Continues Attacking Trans Americans

This morning on Glenn Beck’s radio show, Ted Cruz continued his attacks on LGBT Americans, going so far as to conflate being transgender with being a sexual predator.


“Let’s be clear: Ted Cruz’s extreme rhetoric not only denies transgender Americans their equal rights, he is also denying their correct gender identity and dignity. For decades, anti-LGBT politicians have despicably tried to label LGBT Americans as child molesters in order to stoke fear of LGBT Americans and delegitimize the gay rights movement for political gain. Now that LGB rights have been widely accepted, people like Ted Cruz and his ilk have just moved on to the latest group they can attack for political gain – the trans community.

“Transgender individuals just want to use the bathroom like everyone else, not commit crimes. It’s straight out of the right-wing attack-dog playbook to confuse and conflate the issue of equality with unfounded scare tactics and lies. Ted Cruz should be ashamed of himself, but he proved a long time ago he has no shame.”  –TJ Helmstetter, DNC spokesperson

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