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Brutal Coverage on Anniversary of GOP’s Failed Autopsy

After an overwhelming loss in the 2012 election, the RNC published a report highlighting what the majority of Americans already knew, that the Republican Party’s message sounded “increasingly out-of-touch.”

The report sought to highlight the party’s weaknesses, and provide comprehensive solutions going forward, but today it is clear that the party has instead chosen to continue on the path of “alienating Americans from many walks of life.”

As Donald Trump would say, their report turned out to be “all talk and no action.” Three years later, it is clear that the reforms proposed in the GOP autopsy report are not only dead, but have been completely buried by the 2016 candidates.

Look at some of the coverage:

Crackpot Party Crackup

“Remember that Republican autopsy after Barack Obama swept to a second term with five million more votes than Mitt Romney? They called for an inclusive party, open to minorities, the young, with an optimistic vision of the country. What they’ve got now is a dour, vengeful grievance party, epitomized by Trump’s two biggest endorsers — Sarah Palin and Chris Christie.”

Rubio’s demise marks the last gasp of the Republican reboot

“Following Romney’s defeat in an election many Republicans thought they should have won, party leaders concluded that the only way to regain the presidency would be to engage the growing and diverse electorate that President Obama had won over twice. The RNC drafted an ‘autopsy’ that recommended bolstering appeals to women and minority voters, while reform conservatives drafted their own manifesto.”

Three years later, GOP continues to reject its own advice

“The report was both thorough and damning. It noted that the party sounded ‘increasingly out-of-touch,’ was regarded as unwelcoming by minorities, and had become unsustainably ideological. Their suggestions were clear: Republican candidates should embrace immigration reform, moderate their tone on social issues, and work to earn the support of ethnic minority voters.

Three years later, and one only has to look at Iowa — at both the presidential candidates who crossed our state for months and our representatives in both Des Moines and D.C. — to see how thoroughly the Republican party has rejected its own advice.”

Trump kills GOP autopsy

“Now, with Trump’s GOP takeover fully underway, interviews with four co-authors of the 2012 autopsy and 10 other Republican leaders reveal a party establishment terrified that Trump is not only repeating the party’s failures — he’s destroying the party in the process. And while the leaders continue to insist that their report laid out the Republican Party’s best chance of victory, they fear Trump’s dominance will tear the party apart before they ever get a chance to put it in play.”

“For GOP leaders, what’s so vexing about Trump’s campaign is that it’s a photo-negative of everything the autopsy said was needed to win a general election.”

“Ari Fleischer, an autopsy coauthor and former press secretary to President George W. Bush, added that a Trump loss in November would be validation for the autopsy. ‘If Trump’s the nominee and he loses spectacularly, I think you’ll actually have a story that says we were right,’ he said.”

“If the autopsy proves prophetic and the party loses big in 2016, some fear the current Republican coalition won’t get another chance to act on the report’s advice.”

With only Cruz and Trump Left, The Republican Party, Stares Into the Abyss

“The problem for the Republican Party is that neither of these two candidates represent the direction they need to take to remain viable on the national stage. After performing what Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus referred to as an ‘autopsy’ of the party’s strategy in 2012, a third straight loss in presidential elections could represent the destruction of the party’s brand by ideologically extreme and in some cases downright offensive candidates. In 2016, one of the United States’ two major political parties is staring into what can only be described as an electoral abyss.”

No Hope, No Change: The GOP Buries Its Own Autopsy

“The Republican Party has largely been tone-deaf to the changing electorate, adopting a hands-off approach to the increasingly heated rhetoric we have heard from the party’s presidential front-runner. It’s no coincidence that Donald Trump’s divisive, race-baiting campaign has vaulted him to the top of the Republican primary field. The Republican Party has a long history of using wedge issues—from race to gender equality—to divide our nation.

Everything we have seen from the GOP field this election year directly contradicts the findings of its Growth and Opportunity Project, a so-called autopsy examining how the Republican Party should engage and broaden its appeal among women, people of color, aspiring Americans and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. As we mark the third anniversary of the autopsy, it’s become increasingly clear that the Republican Party never bothered to read its own report and that its findings have been buried alongside any hope the party once had of broadening its reach.”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Takes Aim at “Presumptive Republican Nominee” Donald Trump

“‘Clearly, the GOP’’s autopsy report is dead,’ Wasserman Schultz continued. ‘The good news is, voters have a better choice. Results are still coming in, but I want to congratulate our Democratic candidates for their hard work engaging voters heading into today’s primaries, doing so with great respect for one another, the American people, and our democracy. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders continue to keep the focus on ensuring everyone in America has a fair shot. They know how to build on the progress we’’ve made over the last seven years, which is why one of them will be our next president.’”

Dems predict electoral disaster for GOP under Trump

Wednesday’s press conference was designed to show unity among the disparate branches of the Democratic campaign apparatus — something Wasserman Schultz said was lacking on the GOP side amid the chaos Trump has sewn.

And it was meant to coincide with the three-year anniversary of the Republican National Committee’s ‘autopsy’ report, the document that was intended to prevent the GOP from losing the White House for the third consecutive time.

That report was meant to encourage Republicans to make inroads among minorities, women and young voters that helped propel Obama to victories in 2008 and 2012. Now, some Republicans are panicked over the rhetoric coming from Trump, whose statements about illegal immigrants and Muslims, as well his past remarks about women, have been condemned by his critics as racist, xenophobic or sexist.

‘Republicans have laid out in black and white all the things they needed to do to try and win an election,’ Wasserman Schultz said.

“They’ve done the opposite,” she concluded.

GOP Autopsy: Dead and Buried

“But it seems that the GOP has thrown this autopsy out the window, because the fear-mongering and anti-immigrant rhetoric has actually gotten worse since 2012, as often demonstrated by their presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.”

“And what about the GOP Autopsy’s goal of simply using more inclusive language toward women and people of color? We certainly haven’t seen a shred of evidence that this was ever put into practice by any of the past or present Republican candidates. Donald Trump accused a female reporter of having “blood coming out of her wherever” and John Kasich said that “women left their kitchens” to participate in the political process. This after alarming and ignorant assertions by 2012 Senate candidates that pregnancies as a result of rape were “something God intended to happen” and that “legitimate rape” does not result in pregnancy.”

Clinton y demócratas del Congreso afilan su estrategia contra Trump para las elecciones de noviembre

“El voto latino será absolutamente importante en noviembre pero parece que los republicanos  no lo captan, porque tres años después de una ¨ autopsia¨ que explicaba su derrota claramente no han aprendido la lección… el contraste entre los candidatos demócratas y republicanos no podría ser más claro”, dijo a este diario Walter García, portavoz del Comité Nacional Demócrata (DNC, en inglés).

Hace exactamente hace tres años esta semana, el Partido Republicano emitió una mordaz ¨autopsia¨ tras la derrota de Mitt Romney en 2012, en la que prometió ser un partido de “inclusión” y se comprometió a mejorar su alcance con las minorías.

Pero, durante una conferencia telefónica, activistas proinmigrantes indicaron hoy que el partido aparentemente no aprendió las lecciones de aquella derrota porque permitió el surgimiento de Trump y su retórica incendiaria.

The Republican “autopsy” plan died long before Trump’s rise

“…It’s an inconvenient truth, but the RNC’s ‘autopsy’ didn’t suffer a fatal blow at Trump’s hands on Super Tuesday, and it didn’t die when Rubio quit in Miami on Tuesday night. The report and its blueprint were killed years ago by Republican officials themselves – long before a certain New York land developer decided to run for president.

The ‘autopsy’ encouraged congressional Republicans to pass comprehensive immigration reform, but the party’s lawmakers refused. The report urged party officials to moderate their position on gay rights and the culture war, but Republicans ignored the suggestion. The document said Republicans must be willing to start reaching out beyond just conservative media organizations to get the party’s message out, and officials and candidates did the opposite.”

“Yes, the ‘autopsy’ is dead, and Republicans are taking a risk by ignoring its advice. But let’s not pretend its demise is a recent development. Republicans killed the report years ago.”

See what people are saying on Twitter:

@sahilkapur: The RNC’s post-2012 autopsy came out 3 years ago today. Trump doused it with gasoline and lit it on fire.

@jbarro: Rubio was the human embodiment of the GOP autopsy report, so it makes sense his campaign died http://www.businessinsider.com/marco-rubio-donald-trump-gop-autopsy-2016-3 …

@Sam_Frizell: @TheDemocrats are really dancing all over the @GOP autopsy this week https://medium.com/@MiraLuisDC/the-gop-autopsy-215fee05d1da#.a2u8z2rl8

@costareports: Rubio’s defeat is not only the end of his candidacy. It’s a total blow to the post-2012 GOP reboot project, from autopsy to reform con mvmt.

@ron_fournier: Rubio and his Gang of 8 exit stage right. Trump poised to cremate the GOP autopsy http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/03/live-coverage-of-the-mega-tuesday-primaries/473772/#t1458090574 … #Immigration

@americasvoice: ICYMI: Happy 3rd birthday, GOP Autopsy Report! We’re sorry Republicans totally ignored you. https://t.co/swYVygJMzr

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