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BREAKING: With snowstorm bearing down on New Jersey, Chris Christie stays in New Hampshire to campaign

New Jerseyans, still reeling from Governor Christie’s inadequate response to Hurricane Sandy and amid new press reports that the state missed out on $300 million in storm relief due to a weak application, won’t like the news that Governor Christie will stay in New Hampshire to campaign instead of returning home to deal with the impending snowstorm.

Instead, the governor is literally phoning it in – telling WMUR, “I was on a call last night. I’ll be on another call tonight. If I feel like it’s necessary for me to get down there, I will, but I’m not driving a plow truck, OK? We have all of our people ready to go. They know what to do.”

It’s not the first time he’s done this – in 2010, he stayed on vacation at Disney World while a “devastating” snowstorm smacked New Jersey.

And New Jerseyans have good reason to be worried – last year, Christie tried to cut the state’s snow removal budget by half.

Similarly, Marco Rubio – famous for missing votes and skipping hearings as a U.S. Senator – wouldn’t respond to questions about the Flint water crisis for three days until he was briefed. When he finally commented, he couldn’t even get the basic facts right about what caused the contamination.

“Absentee Governor Chris Christie proved once again that he’ll put his own political ambitions before the well-being of his constituents. It’s shameful that the governor would phone it in instead of being on the ground to handle the crisis. As for absentee Senator Marco Rubio – if showing up is truly half the battle, he’s in worse shape than we thought. One shudders to think how either one of these candidates would handle a disaster as president.” – DNC Spokesman Eric Walker

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