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Bolton Disqualifies Himself

For Immediate Release

December 12, 2016

Contact: DNC Press – 202-863-8148

Bolton Disqualifies Himself 

John Bolton, a Republican foreign policy insider and likely pick for a top State Department position, is now the latest example of a Trump backer who peddles in conspiracy theories and cozies up to Russia. Instead of accepting the conclusion of 17 American intelligence agencies that Russia was involved in campaign hacking operations, perhaps even trying to tip the election to Trump, Bolton yesterdaymade the outrageous accusation that the Obama Administration may have been behind the attacks. His comments echo those of Donald Trump, who has denied on multiple occasions that Russia was involved and questioned the integrity and conclusions of the FBI, CIA and others.

Bolton and Trump’s positions stand in stark contrast to the calls by Senators McCain, Graham, Rubio, McConnell and others for a bipartisan investigation into Russia’s meddling in America’s democratic elections.

“John Bolton’s insane accusation immediately disqualifies him from serving in any government position. Bolton’s willingness to join Trump in putting Russia before America and smearing our intelligence agencies proves that he is not capable of representing America’s interests abroad. The Senate refused to confirm Bolton eleven years ago when he was last nominated for an administration post because he was too extreme and they should do so again when comes up for a vote.” – Adam Hodge, DNC Communications Director

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