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As President Obama visits auto industry amid record sales, Republicans still want to let Detroit go bankrupt

Today, President Obama returns to Michigan as American auto makers have dramatically rebounded and are posting record sales.

Since mid-2009, the auto industry has seen record job growth, with an increase of 646,000 jobs across manufacturing and retail. Last year, U.S. auto makers sold 17.5 million cars and light trucks in the U.S., the best year in the history of the auto industry.

This success was aided by President Obama’s courageous decision to rescue the auto industry in the face of significant political opposition.

Despite the undeniable success of the auto rescue, Republicans still cling to their unconscionable position that the government should have let Detroit go bankrupt, threatening the loss over one million jobs and billions in GDP.

Here’s a reminder of where they stand (against auto manufacturers and auto workers):

  • Kasich said “we shouldn’t throw good money after bad,” and called the auto bailout a “phony deal.” Since then, Kasich has downplayed the number of jobs saved in Ohio from the auto bailout and questioned the importance of the auto rescue in the economic recovery.
  • In one of the very few areas where he disagrees with his brother, Jeb Bush simply said “NO” he didn’t support the auto rescue. Testifying at a House Committee on the Budget Hearing, Bush was asked: “Many of us believe that it was also appropriate to take the actions that President Obama to help rescue the auto industry and a million jobs. Did you support that effort?” Bush’s answer: “No.”
  • Marco Rubio said, “I don’t think that was the right way to handle it… It was a problematic approach that the federal government took to doing it.”
  • Carly Fiorina said she did not support “the bailout of General Motors… I have never understood the logic of it, frankly.” She also said “the auto industry cannot be saved from its own bad bets.”
  • Ted Cruz said, “I don’t support the bailout of the auto companies.”
  • Rand Paul, of course cited “the tough love of the marketplace” while condemning the auto rescue.
  • Donald Trump said “you would have wound up in the same place” with or without the auto rescue and “either way would have been acceptable.”

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