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Another Week in Review for the GOP 2016 field

Another week for the GOP potential presidential field, and another week of struggles. Here’s a recap:

Scott Walker

It’s safe to say that Scott Walker wins our award for worst week in the GOP field. Where to begin. First off, late last week more news surfaced of Scott Walker’s administration’s shady dealings and failed jobs promises. Long story short, Walker started the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to spur job growth among businesses in the state. The conclusion is that it’s been a huge failure when it comes to jobs – even rewarding companies that laid off Wisconsin workers or outsourced their jobs – and Walker’s donors getting impalpable deals. The DNC’s Research Director can tell you more about Walker’s failed jobs agency here. Moving on to the rest of his week: Walker defended mandatory ultrasounds by saying they’re a “cool thing,” signaled his support for an anti-choice bill that included no exceptions for rape or incest, and found out his upcoming budget fight is going to be one more hurdle on his way to the White House. Rough week all around.

Read more below:

Medium: Something’s Rotten in Madison

The Capitol Times: Scott Walker: Ultrasounds are ‘just a cool thing out there’

Daily Beast: Walker to Ban Abortions for Rape, Incest

Here’s a bonus which we’re sure will go over well in Florida –ABC - Scott Walker Suggests He’ll Skip Florida Primary Battle

Jeb Bush

We’d say, by comparison to his last few, Jeb had a pretty good week—He only found himself getting called out in a series of fact-checks and criticized for forgetting his own record. First, Jeb claimed that he wanted more funding for Alzheimer’s, but he forgot he vetoed spending on it as governor of Florida. People noticed. Then he tried to make two false claims, one about ISIS under his brother’s watch, and a false brag about his time as governor. Guess there’s a new definition of a not so bad week?

Read more here:

WaPo: Jeb Bush’s claim that Islamic State ‘didn’t exist when my brother was president’

Tampa Bay Times: Jeb wants more funding for Alzheimers, but he vetoed spending on it as gov

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio had an interesting week. He spent some time appealing to younger Americans by saying that marriage equality poses a “real and present danger” to Christianity. He also set himself up for a good joke by hanging out with the host of Pawn Stars. Nothing says I’m a “21st century candidate” like repurposing the same old things and pawning them off as new, just like he does with the failed GOP policies of the past. Check out some of the graphics here.

George Pataki and Rick Santorum

Last, but certainly not least, we got two new GOP 2016 candidates in the field. George Pataki and Rick Santorum each have their own anti-middle class record right in line with the rest of the crew. Stay tuned.

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