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Another Week in Review for the GOP 2016 field

Another week, another stark contrast between surging Democrats and sputtering Republicans. Yesterday, after hours and hours of questioning, the Benghazi Committee proved what we’ve known all along and what Republican Representatives Kevin McCarthy and Richard Hanna told us recently: that it was created at taxpayer expense to influence the 2016 presidential election. It’s that simple. Clearly, Republicans in Washington will do anything for their own political benefit and can’t be trusted to fight for American families or manage their hard earned tax dollars.

Democrats closed out the week strong, gathering to address women ranging from young professionals to established leaders at the DNC Women’s Leadership Forum’s 22nd Annual Issues Conference in Washington. Together with the Nevada debate last week, tomorrow’s JJ dinner in Iowa, the South Carolina Democratic Party Forum on November 6th and the DNC/Iowa Democratic Party/CBS debate in Iowa on the 14th, our candidates will have taken the stage on major national platforms five times in five weeks. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz highlighted our strong field in her remarks before the conference, noting that “Democrats, of course, are the party of inclusion, empowerment, and opportunity for all,” and was joined by Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi, and candidates Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, and Bernie Sanders, as well as Lincoln Chaffee — who announced his departure from the field there.

That impressive gathering followed a week in which Democrats earned record numbers of viewers at our debate in Nevada, and in which we learned that Democrats have reached more than one million contributions at a far faster pace than any other time in history, and well ahead of Republican candidates — all 15 of them.

And as for the 2016 GOPers, the two Floridians had a particularly rough time this week…here’s a quick look:

Marco Rubio

Marco “No Show” Rubio has sure been living up to his nickname as of late. Instead of doing the job he was elected to do and taking the time to vote, he has been busy touting his outdated policies on the campaign trail. But miracles do happen folks, because Rubio actually made an appearance on the Hill this past Tuesday. What bill did he find important enough to finally show up to work for? The Trump-Rubio sanctuary cities bill, which fails to offer comprehensive reforms needed to fix our nation’s broken immigration laws and undermines the ability of local law enforcement to police their own communities. People were outraged, and called out Rubio for being more concerned about keeping the Tea Party base happy than about doing what’s right.

But that’s not all folks. For some reason, “No Show” Rubio thought it’d be a good idea to blast government workers who don’t do their jobs, going as far as to say, “This should actually be the rule in the entire government, where if you’re not doing your job, you should be fired.” Yes, you read that correctly. Lots of folks noticed the irony here (even asking whether this means Rubio himself should be fired) and didn’t let him get away with it.

On a final note, this week, Rubio put out a “Back to the Future”-themed attack video. Funny that he did that. Simply put, his policies would turn back the clock on a woman’s right to choose – even in cases of rape or incest; would take us back to a time where too many Americans with pre-existing conditions like diabetes or cancer were denied insurance coverage and women were charged more for their health care; and would lead to the dismantling of critical programs like Social Security and Medicare, among other terrible things.

More about this here:

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Jeb Bush

On top of creepily letting the world know that he finds the “Supergirl” star to be “kind of hot,” this week Jeb Bush reiterated that he does not support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Instead, he once again said that he supports legal status for them, which is code for second-class status.

Huffington Post: Jeb Bush Thinks Supergirl Is ‘Kind Of’ Hot, Informs Those At Campaign Event

Las Vegas Sun: Dreamer confronts Jeb Bush after campaign appearance in Las Vegas

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