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Another Putin-Puppet for the Swamp


Another Putin-Puppet for the Swamp

Donald Trump’s reported choice of Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State demonstrates once again that he lied to voters about draining the swamp. It’s a victory for Vladimir Putin, who interfered in our election to help elect Trump and now has a close ally with no foreign policy experience serving as America’s top diplomat. Tillerson has a track-record of defending Russia and opposing economic sanctions against the Putin regime. He has even received a medal from Vladimir Putin, and Exxon has billions of dollars in business partnerships with state-owned Russian companies that could interfere with his duties as the nation’s top diplomat. Donald Trump is already the most unpopular President-elect in modern history, and his choice of Tillerson is causing him to enter office under an even darker cloud of suspicion.

Here’s the buzz:

Today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Politico’s Michael Crowley, explained that the Tillerson pick is a sign that Trump’s campaign promises of a softer stance toward Russia will, in fact, translate to policies of the Trump Administration.




On CNN’s New Day, Michael Smerconish expressed concern over Trump’s sparse attendance at intelligence briefings and general dismissal of the findings of the intelligence community.



On Fox News, Jehmu Greene put in clear terms what a Tillerson-led state Department would mean for U.S.-Russia relations and she noted the free-pass it would give the Kremlin.



Wall Street Journal: Thomas Grove: Russia Welcomes Idea of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State

President-elect Donald Trump’s top choice for secretary of state has met President Vladimir Putin on several occasions in the course of discussing oil deals in Russia, a spokesman for the Kremlin said Monday. Exxon Mobil Corp. Chief Executive Rex Tillerson, a seasoned deal-maker whose company has a long history of doing business in Russia, has appeared as the top choice for secretary of state in a Trump administration. “They [Messrs. Putin and Tillerson] have held business meetings. Indeed, the president has met Mr. Tillerson together with his partners in the Russian Federation,” spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian news agencies.


CNN: Stephen Collinson: Trump could face Capitol Hill showdown with Tillerson pick

Donald Trump won’t get Rex Tillerson as secretary of state without a fight. The President-elect is leaning towards entrusting the ExxonMobil tycoon with the stewardship of US diplomacy, a move that could ignite the first showdown between the pugilistic President-elect and senators in his own party. The nomination — which Trump sources say could come as soon as this week — would be provocative, given Tillerson’s personal relationship with President Vladimir Putin amid an uproar over CIA assessments that Russia likely intervened in the presidential election to help Trump.


Vox: Zeeshan Aleem: Donald Trump’s expected pick for secretary of state is a Putin-friendly Exxon CEO

Donald Trump is expected to nominate Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state, adding a corporate executive with extensive ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin to his presidential Cabinet. Tillerson has relationships with many world leaders, but has never served in government or taken public positions on many of the thorny issues he would confront as the nation’s top diplomat.


Talking Points Memo: Caitlin MacNeal: Some Senate GOPers Skeptical Of Exxon CEO Tillerson’s Ties To Russia

Following reports that Donald Trump is expected to nominate Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, some Republicans in the Senate indicated that they may oppose his confirmation due to his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Tillerson’s connections to Russia dates back years. He struck a deal with Russian oil giant Rosneft in 2011 to access the country’s oil resources in the Arctic, prompting Putin to award Tillerson the Order of Friendship honor. Tillerson has also spoken out against the sanctions the U.S. imposed on Russia after the country invaded the Crimea.


The Guardian: Alec Luhn: Russia praises possible Trump pick Rex Tillerson’s ‘highly professional manner’

The Kremlin has praised the professionalism of Rex Tillerson, thought to be Donald Trump’s leading contender for secretary of state, the ExxonMobil CEO who has forged close ties to Russia. “On account of his work as the head of one of the largest oil companies, he had contacts with our representatives more than once,” President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Monday. “He fulfills his responsibilities in a highly professional manner.”


Salon: Matthew Rozsa: Donald Trump’s rumored secretary of state pick, Rex Tillerson, has very close ties to Russia

Donald Trump’s rumored pick to be secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, doesn’t have any governing experience. But the head of Exxon has something else President-elect Donald Trump may be looking for: close ties to Russia. During his 41-year career at Exxon, Tillerson has developed close business ties to Vladimir Putin, even opposing U.S. sanctions against Russia after it invaded the Crimea, according to a report by Newsweek on Sunday. It’s something that Republican Sen. Marco Rubio was quick to point out Sunday.

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