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Another anti-LGBT week for the GOP

Shot: Earlier this week, the Senate finally approved Eric Fanning to be the first openly gay Secretary of the Army, after Republicans blocked his nomination for over 200 days.

Chaser: Yesterday, House Republicans broke regular order to force their members to support anti-LGBT language in the NDAA.

Lime: Donald Trump released a list full of anti-LGBT judges who he would name to the Supreme Court.

“Despite its efforts to rebrand itself, it’s clear the Republican Party has no plans to embrace the LGBT community anytime soon. Love has won, the world has evolved, but Republican politicians like Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan remain stuck in the distant past. The LGBT community will be key to electing a Democratic president in November, because we know we can’t afford to elect a Republican like Trump who would stand in the way of progress.” – TJ Helmstetter, DNC spokesperson  

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