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About That List Of Accomplishments

A day after Rick Santorum said “I guess it’s hard to say there are accomplishments” of Marco Rubio, reporters still couldn’t recall anything that Rubio has accomplished.

So we took a look at the list he’s been passing around and clarified the spin from the Rubio campaign:

  • While he passed a bill to curb eminent domain while in the legislature. He has since called it a “necessary evil” and supported a huge eminent domain project, the Keystone Pipeline.
  • His “success” for eliminating Obamacare’s risk corridors, which multiple fact checkers have already called out for being a lie (here and here).
  • He claims VA reform – though he was responsible for a small piece of the legislation and has since complained that piece hasn’t been effective.
  • He touts passage of a totally uncontroversial bill that was called “largely symbolic”  and passed with unanimous consent.

If this is the best he can tout after nearly two decades in elected office we can see why Sen. Santorum, and everyone else, is stumped.

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