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2016 GOP Primary is Already LOL

After the 2012 election, RNC Chairman Priebus pledged that come 2016, he would try to put an end to the “traveling circus” primary that damaged the GOP and made all their candidates unelectable.

Well, it’s not even 48 hours since the polls closed in the midterms, and the 2016 GOP Primary Circus is already in town.

Right after the midterms, Donald Trump and George Pataki have publicly expressed their interest in running for president, while Ben Carson is fueling speculation after it was announced that an hour-long documentary about his life is set to air this weekend.

Washington Times: Ben Carson gets jump-start on 2016, airs hourlong ad introducing himself nationwide

Newsmax: Donald Trump Taking ‘Serious Look’ at 2016 Presidential Run

Business Insider: George Pataki Says He’s ‘Thinking About’ Running For President

It’s 732 days until the 2016 general election and more than a year until the first primary and caucus, and the GOP are already off to an entertaining start. We look forward to Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz and the other presumptive candidates getting into the ring.

On to 2016!

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