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100 Days Until the GOP Convention – Countdown to Catastrophe

100 Days Until the GOP Convention – Countdown to Catastrophe

With tomorrow being 100 days until their national convention, the Republicans are in utter disarray. After having a terrible two weeks, they have continued to panic at the prospect that Lyin’ Ted or Dangerous Donald will become their presidential nominee. If the tepid support and comical non-endorsements from party leaders on national television this week are any indication, the GOP is falling apart with the realization that these extreme candidates are exactly the standard bearers they asked for.

“The Republicans are in crisis-mode now that their long history of disastrous policies, divisive rhetoric and obstructionist tactics has left them with nothing but bad choices. Even Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has said that choosing between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump is like choosing between being shot or poisoned. Regardless of which one they pick, they’ll end up with an out-of-touch candidate who would drag America backwards” – DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda

Here are some lowlights from the week:

CBS News: Lindsey Graham: If I can support Ted Cruz, “anybody can do it”



When asked how he expects to convince fellow Republicans to support Cruz, Graham — who once joked that the choice between Trump or Cruz for president was a decision between getting “shot or poisoned” — quipped: “If I can do it, anybody can do it.”

CNN: Jim Risch on endorsement of Ted Cruz: ‘I guess’

[W]hen Blitzer remarked that Risch was only the third senator to endorse Cruz, after South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and Utah Sen. Mike Lee, Risch was taken aback.

“Did I just endorse, Wolf?” he said.

“You sort of said you prefer him over the two,” Blitzer responded, to Risch’s agreement. “That sounds like an endorsement, doesn’t it?”

“I guess,” Risch replied. “It depends on your definition.”

The Hill: Gingrich: ‘Trump has now normalized Cruz’

Newt Gingrich on Wednesday said that Donald Trump has softened views of GOP presidential rival Ted Cruz as an extreme, anti-establishment candidate.

“Cruz a year ago would have been seen as the outsider, extreme, unacceptable, anti-establishment [candidate],” he told host Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria.”"Trump has now normalized Cruz.”

Huffington Post: Ben Carson Is Terrible At Being A Donald Trump Surrogate

Former GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson has been doing a fair amount of press to talk up current GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump since endorsing him last month. Much of it has been strange.

So, we have come to a conclusion: Ben Carson is quite bad at being a Trump surrogate.




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